Coin Flip | 1g Gold Bar


“Coin Flip” or “Flip A Coin”

Terminology Explained

Coin flip terminology is often confused with the act of flipping a coin literally. This is the wrong interpretation however in the world of numismatics. Coin flips are protectors that house perfect gold bars or gold coins. Leifs Coins and Jewelry is one of the largest dealers of 1g gold bars in coin flips. We have several advantages that set us apart from our competitors and make us an attractive option for investors looking to purchase gold bars. First, we offer an extensive range of coin flips for a variety of sizes and types of gold bars. We stock a wide variety of gold bar sizes and designs, from 1g to 50g. This gives customers more flexibility when choosing the right coin flips for their investment. By providing buyers with so many options to choose from, we have expanded our customer base and made it easy for them to choose the right flip for their purchase. Most importantly, our coin flips offer superior quality and protection for precious metals.

Coin Protector or Gold Bar Case

At Leifs Coin and Jewelry, we place utmost importance on the protection of our customers investments. We ensure that the coin flips we provide are made with quality and durability in mind. This means that our customers get the assurance that their gold bars are safely tucked away inside the flips and are not vulnerable to scratches, dents, or any other forms of damage. We select our flips according to the type of gold bar that is being kept within them, and make sure that the size and fit are just right so that the bar can fit snugly and remain secure.

Coin Flip Affordability

We understand that cost is a major factor when it comes to making any purchase. This is why we offer our coin flips at very competitive prices, serving to make our products more affordable for our customers. We also strive to provide additional discounts and deals so our customers can save even more when buying coin flips from us.

Long Standing Reputation

Reputation and a long pedigree in the industry is what we are known for at Leifs Coins and Jewelry. We have been in business for over 40 years and are one of the oldest coin and jewelry dealers in the united states. This means that our customers can trust that we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that their investments are secure and protected. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for delivering quality coin flips to our customers.

We understand that buying gold bars can be a daunting task, and that customers may need assistance with the process. This is why we provide our customers with a comprehensive customer service package. Our team is knowledgeable on both the technical aspects of buying gold bars and coin flips, and also the legalities surrounding investments. We provide our customers with guidance and support, helping them to make informed decisions and ensuring that they are happy with their purchase. We are proud to be one of the largest dealers of 1g gold bars in coin flips in the united states. Our expansive selection of flips, superior quality and protection for precious metals, competitive prices, years of expertise, and value-added customer service make us an attractive option for those looking to purchase gold bars. We invite you to give us a try and experience the satisfaction of working with leifs coins and jewelry.


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 mm


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