1 Kilo Silver Bar


Bullion is a non-ferrous metal that has been refined to a high standard of elementary purity.  The term is commonly applied to bulk metal used in production of precious metals such as gold & silver.  The term comes from the Anglo-Norman term for a melting house where metal was refined.  To access the purity of silver bullion, the centuries old technique of fire assay is still employed together with modern spectroscopic instrumentation, to accurately determine its quality.

Kilo (32.15 oz) bars are a great way to protect one’s hard earned assets .  When it comes to collecting silver, kilo bars are a great way to collect larger size silver bars without getting too large and cumbersome.  Compared to numismatic coins, bullion bars can typically be purchased and traded at lower price premiums over the fluctuating spot price and their trading bid/ask spreads or buy/sell price differences are closer to the values of the contained precious metals.

The specifications of bullion are often regulated by market bodies or legislation.  The minimum purity for silver bullion is 99.9%.


Total Weight: 1000 grams

Silver Content: 32.15 troy oz

Purity: .999 

Mint: Random

Denomination: None


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